The National Rifle Association is unpopular right now, but its members are certainly not the child killers that Henry Dillenbeck proclaims them to be (letter of April 4 comparing NRA to the KKK).

The NRA does a lot of good in promoting safety, education and information to owners of firearms.

It is simply a club formed to allow people of like interests to interact. We could compare it to the Lions, Kiwanis, etc.

These clubs all do good in their own ways and allow their members to be a part of an organization that is important to them.

People should let up on the NRA. I believe that people like Dillenbeck should never be allowed within a mile of any type of firearm since he seems to be ignorant about how they can be enjoyed. He probably has enjoyments that would be contemptible and repugnant to me.

If he wants to rail against “spineless representatives” (who are elected by the people), he could choose any number of other issues.

A whole organization cannot be blamed for the certainly contemptible acts in the recent news.

Kudos to Gary Kitchen for his letter on the same day.

Martha “Marti” Brann


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