I don’t understand why we have a budget crisis (not).

We are a nation of obese people, with widespread attitudes that ignore cause and effect. “Junk food” (which is not really food) is a major cause. I agree that people have a right to injure or kill themselves however they wish, but I don’t think that other people (who want to live and work) should have to pay for it. Nor should we compromise our children and grandchildren into a kind of financial indentured servitude.

In the logic of not passing on the costs of our own personal decisions to others we should:

* Place a high tax on all “food” that does not meet a reasonable nutritional standard. Dr. Oz could probably help legislators with that.

* Exempt from taxes high-nutrient value foods that support the “eat local” initiative.

* Increase the cigarette tax.

* Let’s pass a law fining people $50 for sniveling (a new source of revenue).

We finally have a governor with the courage and fortitude to try to have us be accountable and fiscally responsible. Let’s stop whining and clean up the mess we’ve made.

James R. Rogers