An article in the April 10 newspaper said a bill requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets in Maine was rejected.

House Minority Leader Kenneth Fredette, R-Newport, said, “These are areas where big government doesn’t need to be making decisions for people.”

What is the difference between telling me that I have to wear a seat belt for my own safety and telling motorcyclists they have to wear helmets for their safety?

In the summer, we can pick up a paper or see on the news about accidents in which cyclists (not wearing helmets) received head injuries.

It amazes me how 2 percent of Mainers that ride motorcycles can be eliminated from having rules or following rules that the rest of us have to follow daily.

For three years in a row, I have spoken to supervisors at the State Police about the horrible illegal noise these machines make, and each year I am assured that things are going to be done. As of today, I have never seen or heard about any motorcyclist being ticketed or even warned about illegal exhaust.

The Legislature even passed a law making it easier for the law enforcement people to ticket and make it stick for these illegal exhaust bikes, but still nothing. It is perfectly OK for these inconsiderate riders to ruin our summer, but don’t let drivers get caught with a burned-out plate light.

Fredette also said, “One of the nice things about Maine is that we can generally expect some level of personal freedom, and it’s important to preserve that.”

Apparently, that doesn’t apply to the 98 percent of us who legally wear seat belts, for our safety, and are made to keep quiet, legal exhaust on our automobiles.

Joseph Rocque Jr., Windsor

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