It’s always a pleasure when one of our representatives explains to us how very lucky and blessed we are to have their dictates and mandates forced upon us (Maine Compass, “Maine should accept federal funds for Medicaid expansion,” April 8).

From here on out, it’s no longer the straw on the camel’s back. We’re loading our camel with 4-foot sticks of pulpwood, and even U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud knows what that is.

This new camel of ours is already wobbling on its legs, and we’ve yet to even start to add the costs of the many new government employees that it’s going to take to administer and enforce this diabolical mess called Obamacare.

Michaud and the other anointed ones in Washington who supported and passed this didn’t even read it. It just became the feel-good thing to do. Remember, someone said, let’s just pass it, then we’ll find out what’s in it.

Now that the plan is taking effect, those who passed it are finding provisions of the plan will tax some of their large supporters. This must mean they’re actually starting to read it. If we’re to keep any semblance of sanity with this, we must demand all citizens, including our anointed ones, participate in this same plan. They will no longer be exempt. Also, their retirement plans should revert to the Social Security fund, to help its solvency.

After all they do work for us right? We should all share in the pain, right? I wonder how long it would take to get a vote on this proposal. My guess is it would disappear.

Gaylon Greenleaf


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