WILTON — After two hours of discussion, selectmen voted to put four ordinances on the warrant for the Town Meeting, including a building and property maintenance ordinance.

The maintenance ordinance is geared toward addressing complaints from residents that unkempt properties is decreasing surrounding property values and harming the town economy as a whole.

Opponents of the ordinance said it would put a financial burden on the poor. General concerns that the ordinance would lead to the town unnecessarily monitoring private property were also voiced.

The ordinance was limited to downtown, and neighborhoods near downtown, that are highly visible, particularly to tourists or people visiting businesses.

After several rounds of proposed amendments, the ordinance was unanimously passed, after it was amended to exclude language that regulated peeling and deteriorating paint.

The ordinance was one of four presented to a packed room at Tuesday’s public hearing.


While the property maintenance ordinance was most discussed, residents weighed in on ordinances that would regulate fireworks, “disorderly property” and recycling.

The disorderly property ordinance creates a system for the police to respond to properties they repeatedly visit for disturbance complaints.

James Black, who sat on the ordinance committee, said the police respond multiple times per week to the same five or 10 residences and are looking for a proactive way to respond. The ordinance requires property owners with four police complaints at their properties to meet with police, and after that face a $50 fee.

The recycling ordinance was designed to update regulations to meet the needs of the new, single-stream facility and prevent outsiders from using the facility for waste not created in Wilton.

The fireworks ordinance was created in response to residents’s concerns and is similar to state regulations already in place.

The annual town meeting is scheduled for June 10.

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