NORRIDGEWOCK — Mill Stream Elementary School announces its second trimester honor roll.

Sixth grade — high honors: Emily Goodale, Allison Ingalls, Chanler Leach, Kyle Salley, Kaylee Tibbetts, Jeremy Toth, Hudson Sirois and Andrew Worthen.

Honors: Alyssa Everett, Jacob Ledger, Jake Perkins, Alex Williamson, Kayleigh Therriault, ChloeTherriault, Colby Nurmi, Abbie Burrows, Molly Dorr, Iris Lohn, Lucas Patchess, Chandler Plante, Katelyn Belyea, Katie Roden, Samantha Whittemore, Madeline Aubry, Megan Blaisdell, Hunter Raye, Justin Robinson and Maxwell Tracy.

Fifth grade — high honors: Eli Blodgett, Breeanna Faulkingham, Dylan Hendrix, Nick Alves, Annabelle Bourassa, Sydney Dubay, Lydia Lapointe, Amber Merry, Libbi Pelletier, andria Alexson and Kohlby Whittemore.

Honors: Aleya Luce, Ian Brewer, Chloe Dubois, Abbygale Paquet, Riley Stratton, Hailey Edwards, Jordan Boone, Kathryn Worthen, Corey Patnaude, Gabrielle Campbell, Kody Conley, Romy Gerstenberger, Shelby Glidden, Sydney Knights-Curtis, Alexis Michonski, Charles “CJ” Quimby, Zebulon Tibbetts, Kayla Dickinson, Hannah Ellis, Aiyana Leach and Vincent Macary.

Fourth grade — high honors: Caleb Johnson, Hannah McKenney, Kayla Moore, Gage Morgan and Gary Salley.

Honors: Mackenzie Bertone, Nancy Giasson, Brooke Gilbert, Meagan Libby, Kobe Sprague, Elyza Sirois, Abigail Washburn, Shania Bouchard, Isabel Goeman and Unity Hodges.

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