I am a Marine veteran of Vietnam. I was wounded twice. I know, firsthand, what terrible things people can do with guns. I am a gun owner myself, although I have not hunted for many years, and I am a believer in the Second Amendment.

When the Bill of Rights was drawn up in 1776, we had the musket, which took some time to load and fire one round. Times have changed. Do we really need assault rifles that are capable of firing 20 rounds in two seconds? Do we need clips that hold 40 rounds?

They say that 80 percent of Americans want some kind of gun control. Why can’t our elected officials, who work for the people, pass meaningful gun control laws?

The National Rifle Association has people believing that the government is going to come into their homes and take away their guns. That’s hogwash! How many Newtowns will it take before we come to our senses?

Guns are made for one reason — to kill, whether it is a deer, a moose or a human being.

It’s time to stop listening to the NRA and do what’s right.

Thomas Lohnes

China Village

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