I am compelled to respond to the March 29 article about the copper dome at the Capitol. I would agree that any leaking roof needs to be fixed, but couldn’t the repairs be done from the inside of the dome?

Nine other states have copper domes, according to the article, perhaps we could become a role model by leaving the exterior of the dome alone and “go green.”

I am glad that there will be no borrowing for this project, thus avoiding $375,000 in interest charges. Since this project comes with a price tag of $1.2 million, however, I must ask: Is there not something more urgent on which we need to spend this kind of money?

Personally, I think that this amount could be used better getting our state back on its feet by whittling down some of its debt instead of fighting a losing battle with oxidation versus copper (which an elected official clearly showed was a no-win situation).

We need to tell our state representatives how we feel about this issue.

Without some guidance from the voters, our legislators can only guess what the will of the people is. Many times, no direction from us leads them to vote for things leading Maine to the poor house. We need to be more involved.

Kathryn T. Shepherd


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