Gun control legislation was defeated in the U.S. Senate on April 17, by 46 votes — enough to prevent its passage.

It only points out that 46 U.S. senators would rather be bedfellows with gun control interests groups, including the National NRA Association.

This raises many concerns.

By refusing to pass this bill, the Senate has indirectly condoned the shooting deaths of hundreds of people and our very young children, throughout our country. I do not have to mention all the incidents, but the Senate has ignored the wishes of almost 90 percent of Americans who polls say support many changes.

It’s become a political issue. The NRA and other political interest groups are more interested in getting more money into their coffers, even if most Americans want gun control.

I hope all the anti-gun-control voters can think about what they have advocated to allow massive killings of innocent children in many schools.


William Smith


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