I was astounded when I looked on the front page of my newspaper on April 22 to see a photo of Barney Frank who spoke at Colby the previous night.

The Morning Sentinel had a large-print quote in which Frank stated that the problem is Washington is only the result of the “extreme right wing” (was he talking about conservatives who support the Constitution?) hijacking the Republican Party.

Of course, we’d expect that this type of liberal promotion at Colby so no, that wasn’t the surprise.

The surprise is that one man’s ideological rant was blasted on the front page as “news.”

Considering that Frank’s party has been led by extreme liberals like Nancy Pelosi (who said about Obamacare that Congress “need[ed] to pass it before people find out what’s in it”) and Harry Reid (who has refused his duty to pass a budget in all his time in charge of the Senate), perhaps this story would have been better placed in the opinion pages. Then again, that might have been too intellectually honest for the newspaper’s record of slanting stories for low-information voters who actually read it as “news.”

If Frank was really interested in telling people not to vote for “extremists,” then I believe most of his friends in Washington would find themselves out of work.

Nicholas Isgro


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