We heard from two voices of reason in the recent letters of Thomas Lohnes (April 18) and Terri Hibbard (April 19) about the gun control issue, though some people will disagree.

What’s really troubling is after all is said and done nothing was accomplished by our self-serving politicians in Washington.

What it took was courage and integrity to vote for reasonable reforms in this matter, but those qualities are obviously lacking in many of our elected representatives.

The vast majority of Americans and many members of the National Rifle Association are clearly in favor of at least an improved and consistent system of background checks for gun sales, yet the rantings and factual distortions by the leadership of the NRA and gun lobby prevailed.

To make matters worse, we have the National Association for Gun Rights reportedly selling T-shirts proclaiming “Firearms Anywhere and Everywhere.” This kind of behavior is at least immature, mean-spirited and irresponsible and at worst inflammatory and lunatic.

It is also tantamount to gloating and jabbing a defiant finger into the eyes of everyone victimized by gun violence.

George Hite


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