In response to the article in Sunday’s paper, “LePage slams wage-hike bill,” Gov. Paul LePage says raising the minimum wage to $9 per hour will make businesses hire fewer people and cost jobs for students and senior citizens.

What about the people working minimum wage jobs now? The minimum wage hasn’t changed since 2009 — that’s four years without any raise — while the price of everything we buy is going up all the time.

LePage claims he knows what it’s like to struggle, but it’s clear he’s forgotten because, if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t be trying to take away something from thousands of hard-working Mainers who need the raises just to make ends meet.

I find this truly funny considering in another article in Sunday’s paper, LePage is allowing new laptops for middle-school students. Hewlett-Packard is not the cheapest option the state had, so they’re costing the state more money. But raising minimum wage is a bad thing? I think LePage should try to live on minimum wage for a month to see how hard it is, and maybe then he would change his mind.

John MacKenzie


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