While waiting in traffic at the various road and utility construction sites in Augusta, a thought came to mind.

When I was involved in public construction projects some years ago, the Maine Department of Transportation recommended that the flaggers controlling traffic flow let maybe 15-25 cars through at one time, instead of letting through all of the vehicles that were backed up. The idea was that it would take a long time for a long line of cars to pass.

Drivers from the opposite direction would not always have the necessary patience to wait and sometimes tempers could flare, sometimes directing verbal abuse at the flaggers.

Allowing only a certain number of cars to proceed through at a time could improve flow and reduce flared tempers. Drivers from the opposite direction also would know that their turn to move forward was coming soon.

Has MDOT changed its policy regarding traffic flow at construction sites? Will it be a long, hot summer waiting in line for traffic to pass so that you may proceed forward?

Here’s hoping for a flare-free summer!

David R. Giroux


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