A bill, L.D. 406, has been put forth in our Legislature to require the annual inspection of antique registered vehicles, which are currently exempt.

The bill states that the chief of state police would define those requirements. The state motor vehicle law defines an antique auto as one “more than 25 years old, which is equipped with an engine manufactured either at the same time as the vehicle or to the specifications of the original engine of the vehicle, which is substantially maintained in original or restored condition.”

I have several concerns about this bill. My family and I all participate in car events all summer long. All of our cars were made before 1930. These cars are a part of our history and, as their caretakers, we gladly register them, insure them and show them off whenever we get a chance.

Not only would this increase the cost of what is already a costly hobby, but it would be a waste for any vehicle as old as ours. Most mechanics would not be able to do an inspection on autos that old.

I do not think it is fair to treat pre-1950s cars the same as those made in 1988. The amount of time and money needed to define inspection criteria for each era of car designs make this bill cost-prohibitive.

This bill also would have a negative effect on the antique auto industry by reducing the number of people who are willing to restore and maintain these pieces of history. With all the other problems our state is facing, why is our Legislature wasting its time on such a meaningless issue?

Ben Smith


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