Maine had major success with the “Rubber Ducky Campaign” and the Kid-Safe Products Act aimed at phasing out the use of bisphenol A in infant food containers, but BPA is really just one of 50 devilish chemicals.

Last summer, Maine Department of Environmental Protection declared a list of 49 chemicals of high concern that pose lifelong threats to children. Prenatal and childhood exposure to these chemicals has been proven through strong scientific evidence to increase the risks of developing cancer, infertility and associated complications at a later age.

Although we know the 49 chemicals by name, we do not know which products contain them, and we may be getting a fair dosage of these daily.

I recently encountered these facts in my environmental health class, and I am concerned that very little information about the 49 chemicals has been disseminated to the public. As an aspiring mother, I want to be able to protect and raise healthy children who will later be able to lead happy lives unplagued by medical conditions and expenses that could have been prevented through changes in store products.

Recently, the Kids Bill (L.D. 1181) that protects children and pregnant mothers by requiring manufacturers to disclose the products that have the 49 chemicals was introduced to the Maine Legislature.

I strongly believe that it is in the public’s interest to support this bill, and the power to make it pass is our hands.


Big corporations continue to influence the regulatory process at the public’s expense, but we cannot allow them to risk the lives of children and poison their future.

I urge people to educate themselves about the 49 toxicants and lobby their legislators to support L.D. 1181, for the safety of our children.

Nomawethu Moyo


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