ANSON — The school district will need to raise more money from taxpayers in order to support a $9.08 million budget that was approved by voters Tuesday for the upcoming school year.

The budget, which is up $373,289 from the current budget of $8,707,424, was approved by a districtwide vote of 119-92.

The budget passed in New Portland 19-11 and Solon 28-6, but failed in Anson 55-53 and Embden 20-19. The four communities make up the Anson-based School Administrative District 74.

“I’m very appreciative of the support the community showed in approving the proposed budget,” said Superintendent Ken Coville.

The total amount to be collected from taxpayers is up $265,634 from the current budget and will result in a slight tax increase in most towns, he said.

Coville said the reason for the increase is mostly due to proposed changes in state funding that includes cuts to annual subsidies and retirement costs for teachers, as well as the cost of sending students to charter schools.


If the district receives more money than they expect from the state, Coville said, any increase will be set aside and carried forward to reduce taxes in the 2014-2015 school year.

Officials in most of the towns said they expect a tax increase for this year based on the increase in the school budget, although some also said they are still figuring out how the cost factors into the overall tax rate.

In Embden, where the budget was rejected by one vote, First Selectman Chuck Taylor said he expects the property tax rate to go up due to the school budget but he wasn’t sure yet what the cost would be.

Embden had a property tax rate of $12.46 per $1,000 of assessed property value in 2012.

Officials in Anson and Solon also said they expected property tax rate increases due to the school budget.

Bob Worthley, administrative assistant for the town of Anson, said the increased budget will cause the property tax rate in Anson to go up roughly 70 cents for every $1,000 of assessed value. For 2012, the tax was $19.20 per $1,000.


“The budget is up quite a bit and will cost us, which is why I think people were opposed to it,” said Worthley.

In Solon, where voters approved the budget, chairman of the Board of Selectmen Elaine Alloes said she was not happy with the increase they will see in the property tax rate because of the school budget.

“Yes, they have had some challenges with the charter schools and retirement costs but I still think it is a big increase for our town to follow,” she said.

The 2012 property rate in Solon was $15.20 per $1,000 in assessed value. Alloes said she expects that rate to increase by 80 cents per $1,000.

In New Portland, Town Manager Stacie Rundlett said she did not know yet what the effect of the school budget would be on the town’s property tax rate. The 2012 rate was $15.90 per $1,000.

Rundlett said she would be meeting with selectmen to discuss the town’s finances and how to pay their share of the school budget.

Voters also decided Tuesday to continue the annual districtwide vote on the budget. The measure passed in all four towns, 125-83.

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