The battle of the books is over, and the clear winners are the students of Pittston Consolidated School.

I had the pleasure to judge the third annual “Battle of the Books,” which pitted teams from the school’s fourth- and fifth-grade classes. Each team spent hours reading, dissecting, researching and pondering five books written for young adults. On the day of the competition, the teams were battle-ready with styling hats and colorful T-shirts.

The judges prepared by reading the books and learning to arbitrate through any controversy. We read stories about the sinking of the Titanic, a biography of a real hero of the West, a poignant story about a very loyal dog, a fantastical yarn about an excellent pie maker and a colossal story of intrigue.

Through two days of competition, the battles were tight and no clear winner emerged. As the final teams squared off, the room tensely braced for the action. Points flew back and forth and when the dust settled, the “Book Burglars” team emerged victoriously.

At a time when our community scrambles to support the schools that educate our children and wonder about state “grades,” I am proud to have been a part of this wonderful program that keeps kids reading and allows them the ability to soar with their imagination. Congratulations to staff, students and teachers of Pittston Consolidated School.

Anne Davis, director

Library and Information Services


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