FARMINGDALE — Road Commissioner William Rogers resigned Wednesday night, accusing the selectmen of favoritism and of ignoring his complaints about work done by town contractors.

Rogers handed the three selectmen his resignation letter after Chairman Rickey McKenna made a motion to go into executive session to discuss a personnel matter.

“Don’t waste your time and mine. Here’s my resignation,” Rogers said, as he dropped a letter on the table and walked out of the room.

In the letter, Rogers wrote: “On one hand it has been a pleasure to try and do my best for the residents of the town, but on the other hand it has been very difficult to do my job properly given the politics and favoritism that has engulfed my every move and decision.”

Rogers said the selectmen wouldn’t look into his complaints about problems involving work being done by contractors.

“When your hands are tied, at some point you just throw in the towel,” he said.


Rogers said the selectmen told him they would be speaking with him in executive session Wednesday night.

“I had a pretty good idea what it was leading up to,” he said, “and I knew they ain’t been happy with me lately because I made a few statements they didn’t care for.”

Selectman Doug Ebert said he doesn’t think the board tied Rogers’ hands.

“He has some speculation against some of the selectmen,” Ebert said, “not much more than that.”

McKenna couldn’t be reached immediately for comment.

Ebert said the board will serve as the road commissioner until the members decide what to do.


Last year Rogers was paid $13,660 by the town before taxes, which includes a $5,000 stipend, according to Town Clerk Phyllis Weeks.

The commissioner is appointed each year by the selectmen, although it was an elective position before the 2008 Town Meeting.

Voters have a chance to change it back to an elective position and make it a three-year term, with a referendum question in the June 21 municipal election.

Rogers, whom the board appointed in 2011, petitioned for the question to be placed on the ballot.

Paul Koenig — 621-5663

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