I just wanted to write to convey my support for L.D. 1059, which will reverse a 2012 Act, L.D. 1085, which put leniency in laws regarding open pit-mining and mountain top removal in Maine.

Money isn’t the only thing that matters. And I believe that’s exactly what this is about. Offering a variant panorama of pristine scenery, Maine’s very value is in that it offers its citizens and visitors a peek at “the way life should be.”

If not for tons of money, why else would we even consider stripping this celebrated landscape of its treasure trove of unscarred wilderness?

It’s not worth it.

The resources to be dug from the ground will one day run out. What then of our ruined landscape? What then of the displaced wildlife and desecrated idea that Maine is where the wild still lives?

It’s not worth it at all.

I hope others will join me in urging state legislators to support L.D. 1059, An Act to Protect Maine’s Environment and Natural Resources Jeopardized by Mining.

Sarah “Sass” Linneken, Benton

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