Metallic mining operations pose a major threat to Maine’s rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Mining for metals in sulfide rock deposits creates sulfuric acid and toxic runoff called acid mine drainage, which can devastate water quality and kill aquatic life.

The type of mining proposed for Maine has never been operated successfully without polluting nearby waters.

Sulfide mines can generate pollution that needs ongoing treatment in perpetuity, leaving cleanup costs to taxpayers not yet born.

The number of local jobs created by mining is often exaggerated, and these jobs are short term.

The North Woods of Maine are a national treasure and are far more valuable to the people of Maine and future generations than any minerals beneath the mountains. Maine has an incredible natural environment within a day’s driving distance for many to enjoy. Let’s keep it that way.


To create economic growth in the North Woods, a commission needs to be created whose job is to increase outdoor recreation, tourism and related jobs, and work with existing state agencies to invest in small business, infrastructure and public relations to attract tourists.

I have cycled, hiked, fished and hunted in the North Woods, and the scenic beauty is a secret to most tourists.

I encourage others to urge their legislators to save Maine from the destructive practice of metallic mining.

Dave Wood


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