Seeing the recent comments about the welfare controls in Maine leaves me less confident in the legislative body than ever.

Am I stunned that people on welfare do not want anyone to control their spending? Hardly. I do, however, expect that Maine legislators should be smart enough to know that welfare should be for necessities — items one needs to survive.

It is apparent that “hard-core Democrats” are still lost about what government should be spending their money on.

It appears that they would prefer to support the “right to buy junk food” on the public dole but would then turn around and cut funding for real public safety needs and programs.

What is wrong with them? Are they truly that lost?

I am proud to work and serve the people.


I think what bothers me most is the arrogance and attitude of many (not all) welfare recipients.

I would think even a little appreciation would be in order.

Mike Swanholm


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