As a driver, I have a huge responsibility to keep my vehicle under control at all times. But what about pedestrian responsibility, or should I call it irresponsibility?

Several times, I have come close to hitting pedestrians who decide that it’s OK to step into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The worst place for this is at shopping center parking lots. People decide that the pedestrian right-of-way means that they can step in front of a moving vehicle, sometimes forcing a driver to slam on their brakes.

Safety, however, works both ways. Yes, drivers do have a responsibility to watch for pedestrians who are crossing, but pedestrians also have a responsibility. The crosswalk does not give them the right to step in front of a moving vehicle because they feel that they have the right-of-way or are in a hurry.

They should use a little common sense. Who knows, it may stop someone from having a world of hurt by not playing a game of chicken with a 2000-pound vehicle.

Leonard J. Berg III


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