I was disappointed that the Heritage Foundation came out so strongly against the U.S. Senate’s immigration reform proposal.

While I have great respect for Heritage, its claims just don’t add up. What Americans want and need is a Congress that is willing to make courageous policy decisions.

Creating scare tactics — whether from the left or right — is what is causing the gridlock this country now faces in Congress. We need more bipartisanship and courage, not more name calling and threats.

Our country cannot continue to stand idle while 11 million undocumented workers remain inside our borders. In a time when Democrats and Republicans agree on very little, it is refreshing to see a bipartisan group of Senate leaders emerge to tackle this crucial issue.

The bold principles outlined in the Senate Gang of Eight’s proposal tackle this problem head on, unlike any other measure has in recent years. As a former Department of Labor official, I know the impact a lack of immigration policy has on business in this country, especially New England.

I hope Sen. Susan Collins can ignore the hype produced by Heritage and vote her conscience on this issue. Supporting immigration reform is good for Maine and will not make anyone less “conservative.” It is simply the right thing to do for our country and our state at this time.



Kathie Summers Grice, president

EatonRiver Strategies Inc.


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