A recent article about quality and innovation in patient care by MaineGeneral, triggered a memory about nurses’ uniforms — oh, my, how they have changed.

As part of the long ago School of Nursing at Augusta General Hospital, I remember when we changed from all white, starched, long-sleeved uniforms to more all-around — but still white — outfits.

Several years later, at the former Gardiner General Hospital, the operating room and central supply nurses needed new scrub outfits. We asked the administrator for “pant suits.”

I can hear him now: “It’s a fad!” he said.

But he did let a hospital volunteer make us three outfits each. By the time those wore out, everyone was into the new style.

My granddaughter, a nurse in Lewiston, is now a part of this standardization of color — the same as Augusta. My, how things change.

Whatever color our uniforms, let’s all of us nurses be the best ever.

Margaret M. Hilton, R.N.


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