Last week, about 190 Skowhegan Area High School seniors received an important anti-drinking and driving message via an annual program known as Fatal Vision.

The program is informational and experiential. Students learn about their age group’s incidence rate for automobile accidents. They are given instruction on making safe choices and how to overcome peer pressure.

They are reminded that alcohol and other drugs lower inhibitions and limit judgment. They are told how the law will be applied when they choose to use and get caught.

Students also are given the opportunity to wear special “Fatal Vision” goggles, provided by law enforcement, that give them the experience of visual impairment. The students wear these goggles while driving golf carts, playing toss and trying to make basketball shots, helping them to recognize that any sort of impairment limits their ability to carry out tasks requiring focus and coordination.

The Fatal Vision program presents a timely and effective learning opportunity, promoting safe decision-making among our celebration-minded seniors.

This program would not be possible were it not for the ongoing backing of several dedicated community and regional supporters. I would like to express appreciation to the Skowhegan Police Department and the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department for the many man-hours helping to deliver Fatal Vision. The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety has regularly made the Seat Belt Convincer available, and Lakewood Golf Course has annually donated two of its golf carts.

Thank you all for nearly a decade of generous commitment to the students at Skowhegan Area High School.

Daniel F. Hylan, director of guidance

Skowhegan Area High School


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