I recently read the article “Maine police chiefs: Keep gun permit requirements.” In their tireless pursuit to keep us all safe, police sometimes cross the line. In doing so they are just doing their jobs, but it’s our jobs as citizens to tell them where the line is.

In the article, the Maine police chiefs expressed opposition to L.D. 660, which would eliminate the need to obtain a concealed carry permit. The permit process basically gives police the opportunity to deny citizens they deem unfit from legally concealing a gun.

I understand they are trying to prevent gangs and potential criminals or psychopaths from obtaining guns. However Section 16 of the Maine Constitution states “Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.”

So when I hear police chiefs talking about controlling the spread of guns in the community, I have to ask why. You can never stop the bad guys from having guns. Judging peoples’ moral character is a slippery slope that makes sense one day and easily goes too far the next. The only thing we can do as a people is be self-reliant in the protection of our families and friends by arming ourselves. Part of arming ourselves is privacy and a quiet confidence that we have the means to protect ourselves if necessary.

A lot of average people feel safer and more comfortable with a gun concealed rather than out on their hip. Has the permit application process in Maine ever really done anything for Mainers? Does it prevent criminals from having guns? Does it prevent crime? Does it create an unnecessary obstacle in the path of a law abiding Mainer trying to discreetly protect their family?

Let’s be honest, it’s a waste of time and manpower.

Matthew W. Ryan


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