So our governor — who gets a pension and government paid health insurance for the rest of his life even if he serves only one term — has decided that 45,000 Mainers who are living in or near poverty will get no help with their health insurance. According to the Center on Budget Priorities,, the federal government would pay for 45,000 Mainers to get health insurance if LePage said yes. Expanding Medicaid would save the state of Maine $573 million because the federal government would pay the whole cost for this insurance.

That’s just the money we would save. We would also save the health and lives of our neighbors who could now get medical care when they need it, instead of waiting until they are so sick they need emergency rooms. Many of these 45,000 people are working hard and just getting by. They are farmers, people working in low wage jobs, and working parents. Let’s help them live healthy long lives.

Stan Davis


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