PITTSTON — The town has a full select board for the first time in three months after residents elected a former school board member on Tuesday to fill the empty seat.

Vicki Kelley defeated Daniel Myshrall Jr. and Wanda Burns-Macomber, a former chairwoman of the board, with almost 70 percent of the votes, according to the town office.

Kelley garnered 245 votes to Myshrall’s 77 and Burn-Macomber’s 33.

Burns-Macomber was on the three-member board that decided to dismiss the longtime town clerk in March, sparking outrage amongst residents who responded with a petition to recall the board.

Burns-Macomber lost in a landslide to Jane Hubert in the regularly scheduled municipal election in March.

Residents elected Jean Ambrose to the select board in April to fill a vacancy created after Tim Marks resigned as a result of the petition. Voters ousted Ted Sparrow Jr. from his position on the board in the same election.

Kelley, filling Sparrow’s seat, said her first task will be learning the job.

“I plan to jump in and help as much as I can from the get-go, but I’m not sure exactly what is needed,” she said.

Kelley works in the library at Gardiner Regional Middle School.

The board’s first meeting was Wednesday night.

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