Memorial day weekend has passed, signaling the unofficial beginning of summer, time to plant the gardens, set up camp, open the pool, and for all us dog owners to break out the Thunder-shirts. (Thunder-shirts are man and dog’s best friend to help ease the anxiety created by thunder storms and fireworks.)

For year-round residents, the onslaught of backyard fireworks is just horrible.

The wildlife suffers, livestock, dogs, cats, you name it. It terrifies them. It was quiet all winter long — not a single firecracker to be heard. Very nice! I think it is high time for the year-round, voting residents of Maine to be able to vote on, and pass the repeal of, all backyard fireworks as well as sales of these obnoxious and dangerous personal fireworks.

There are plenty of organized events on the Fourth of July for all for people to get their fill of professional displays throughout the state. No need for constant noise pollution every single weekend from now until Labor Day weekend.

To leave it up to individual towns to create fireworks ordinances will amount to almost nothing. How can some small towns police these? A statewide ban is the only thing that will have any effect.

Kitty Hosch


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