The following students are members of the Mount View High School class of 2013, according to the school.


Chris Akers

Kylee Beauparlant

Jordan Bennett

Jake Blanchette

Alyssa Brann

Kayla Bryant

Abbie Charrier

Richard Cleaves

Brook Colcord

Ronald Creamer

Alyss Crooker

Trevor Diemer

Desiree Dodge

Kyle Doughty

Miranda Dow

Artevious Drury

Lauren Dunbar

Sydney Ellis

Masha Faulkner

Michael Flagg

Amber Fox

Owen Freeman

Devan Fuller

Gatesy Gates

Mikell Grant

Cassandra Grotton

John Haddad

Dillon Haight

Larissa Hannan

Ethan Harding

Jesse Harriman

Adrian Harvey

Kimberly Harvey

Alexis Hewey

Derek Higgins

Casey Hustus

Paul Hustus

Aaliyah Johnson

Jared Johnson

Selena Johnson

Jake Jones

Kyrstyn Keating

Jacob Knight

Aaron Kress

Noah Laforge



Alia Larrabee

Trapper Larrabee

Derek Leadbetter

James Leathers

Kaitlin Leavitt

Nicholas Leighton

Lewis Stefan

Cole Libby

Kellian Libby

Phillip Lincol

Joshua Littlefield

Lindsay Lizzott

Alex Luri


Bradford Lyon

Brittany Masessa

Montana Maynard

Miranda McCue

Abbey McDonald

Sarah McLaughlin

Lorezo Milani

Sabrina Miller

Aaron Moody

Alexis Morse

Richard Moulton

Taylor Natale

William Nunn

Torin O’Connell

Nicole Parker

James Philbrick

Kaytlyn Porter

Ulysses Queener

Mikeala Risch

Collin Robers

Katelyn Ross

Gabrielle Rossignol

Johua Savoy

Colleen Schofield

Andrea Smth

Samantha Smith

Taylor Steiner

Abgail Stubbs

Kyrstofer Sweetland

Shelby Tapley

Janelle Thornely

Hannah Towle

Anastasia Tsomides

Kyle Turner

Samuel Walker

Katelyn Willis

Matthew York

Ivan Young

Rafe Young

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