My maternal grandmother always used to tell us never to put off until tomorrow what we can do today.

In other words, make haste; make hay while the sun shines.

With summer arriving, it’s wise to start making plans now for summer activities such as road trips, camping, and live theater and music events.

We all know how quickly time can get away from us.

Before we know it, the summer has ended and we have not had a chance to do all of the things we had hoped.

How many Septembers have arrived in our lives when we have said, “Where did the summer go?”


It seems only yesterday that we could not wait for March to be over so we could enjoy nice April weather. Then before we knew it, it was May — and now June.

Children will be pouring out of schools in the next couple of weeks and things will get hectic.

Before we lament the onslaught of tourists and traffic, we would do well to get ahead of the game.

The summer is like our lives, in a way; it is here, then gone.

Years ago I read a book about living in the “now.” As sappy as it sounds, there really is something to be said for staying in the moment and enjoying today.

I’ve always been one to think about what’s going to happen an hour from now, two hours — or tonight, tomorrow morning, next weekend, next week, two months from now, next year.


I’ve learned over the years that focusing on the “now” makes time go by more slowly.

I’m reading a book about eating well. The author talks a lot about not rushing through meals; rather, taking the time to enjoy one’s food, one bite at a time, with family. For her, family time, particularly family meals, is extremely important and healthful — and non-negotiable.

Europeans have it right — take two or three hours to relax and savor a meal with friends or family.

It makes sense that, if we are what we eat, then how we nourish ourselves is critical, and stress should play no part.

Planning how we conduct our lives is no different. We’d do well to plan for meals, summer activities, traveling and other events well in advance.

That planning removes a lot of stress that can occur with rushing at the last minute.


Eating slowly is best for digestion and thus, health; being first in line to make a reservation typically nets a good seat; the early bird gets the worm.

Enjoy life, enjoy the summer. It’s later than you think, as they say.

Yes, the long lovely season is ahead of us now, but wait a minute. You’ll blink your eyes and it’ll be gone.

Take a breath, sit back, look up at the sky and let the clouds form a picture for you.

You are in charge today — take the reins.

It’s June 10; soon it will be July.


And in August, ever so subtly, the wind will change and we’ll smell fall in the air.

Before we get there, let’s savor the sun and surf, inhale the summer air, soak in the gentle breezes.

Set the date, make that phone call and put your family on standby.

Pick up that calendar, pen in hand, and be sure to mark it up well.

Amy Calder has been a Morning Sentinel reporter 25 years. Her column appears here Mondays. She may be reached at [email protected]


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