The article “Climate Change Throws Forest Industry a Curve,” (May 12), summarized the negative impact climate change will have on Maine’s forest products, our largest manufacturing industry.

The article referred to a report on the effects of climate change on Maine that was requested by the state Department of Environmental Protection. Climate change poses a major threat not only to Maine’s forest products, but also to our fishing industry. Additionally, Maine’s farmers are feeling the impact of climate change with altered growing seasons.

Because of increased concern about climate change, the 2009 Legislature requested that the DEP gather experts from various fields to research the effects on Maine. This group consisted of experts from more than 70 groups representing government, business, agriculture, forestry, marine resources, health, conservation and transportation. Researchers from the University of Maine also participated.

According to its website, the report “considers past change over geologic time, recent evidence of accelerated rates of change, and the implications of continued climate change in Maine during the 21st century as a result of greenhouse gas emissions and their associated pollutants.” Continuing to ignore the effects of climate change will have drastic effects on all regions. The report, “People and Nature Adapting to Climate Change: Charting Maine’s Course” has suggestions to help municipalities and citizens prepare for the future. Since it is not readily available to the public, “People and Nature Adapting to Climate Change: Charting Maine’s Course” is posted on

Melissa Hackett


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