The school laptop program is a joke. As someone who has worked in the public schools, I can tell you that the kids do nothing with the laptops but play games while the teacher speaks to the air in front of a disengaged classroom.

If anyone really believes that the school can “block” kids from playing games with the laptops during class, they are simply misinformed or naive. Most kids are 10 years ahead of school administrators when it comes to technology (yes, they’re even ahead of school computer techs). I’ve watched these kids get on websites that were supposedly blocked by the school.

I know first hand that kids are wasting their time, their teacher’s time and our tax money on these laptops. I have seen it consistently throughout various classrooms, grade levels and under various teachers. If you want your kids to be playing games and sending messages back and forth while the teacher speaks to the air, keep the program. If you want your kids to be forced to listen to their teacher and actually learn something, get rid of the laptops.

Exposing this may mean that I will never be invited to work in the public school again, but its the right thing to do.

End this program.

Jeremy Hiltz


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