I do not understand how the Republicans can keep saying that we won’t vote for any new taxes! The sales tax is not a new tax, the cigarette tax is not a new tax, but for some reason they won’t raise those taxes, but go along with the governor to raise our property taxes, which are also not a new tax!

Perhaps they are all renters and don’t own a house, or maybe they have a clause that when they are a legislator, they don’t have to pay property taxes.

I am disturbed that they vote one way when a bill is presented and then as soon as the governor vetoes it, they change their minds and vote another way. What kind of a conscience do they have when they do this? My husband and I are retired, own a house and we are independents and we feel that raising the sales tax by a half penny per dollar is the fairest tax of all. Stop cutting our education funds and raise the sales tax!

Lois Doran


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