The home of the monitored and fearful. First our government extracted our consent to monitor our overseas enemies who reached and hurt us domestically. The price to protect a “free society” requires certain minor concessions. Then our leaders interpreted the consent more broadly then intended and some member(s) of the judiciary apparently without presentation of an opposing view accepted that interpretation. The administration initiating these actions was caught and, along with other reasons, thrown out of office. The new administration, critical of past actions, not only didn’t stop them, they widened the effort and took greater steps to keep the actions secret. Now the party of civil rights, through the IRS, selectively monitors groups with opposing views manufacturing defenses for their conduct which “don’t hunt.”

That same administration that earned the votes of swing voters hopeful for change and seeking to hold the prior party in power accountable, now is caught red-handed spying on all of us and building a two billion dollar state of the art domestic spying facility to keep us safe because we are afraid.

Enough! I am free and brave and I will never agree to be the land of the monitored and fearful. There are risks to being free. I accept them and encourage our political leaders from all parties and groups and my fellow citizens to stop tolerating and stop allowing the expenditures of the fortunes of my children and their children to allow “my” government to steal my privacy and the privacy of my neighbors whether I like or agree with my neighbor’s political views or not. Good for you “free press.” I thought you had died.

Lester Wilkinson



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