I would like to express my disappointment with the recent KVAC track meet that was rained out on May 25 and rescheduled for Memorial Day.

As most readers know, nearly all school music programs in the state have regularly scheduled memorial services and parades for their local communities. This is a cultural expectation of musical groups, and since it is an effort to support our troops and veterans, we hasten to comply. By moving this meet onto a holiday with scheduled music performances and parades, the KVAC disrupted most of the traditional Memorial Day services, as well as the reverence that should be reserved for that day.

I certainly understand that hosting such a huge track and field event takes a great deal of planning, including having countless volunteers to assist. That being said, the KVAC chose not to entertain additional options such as splitting the meet over two days (leaving Monday morning for services) or holding the meet during school time. Either of those choices, although difficult, would have presented a great opportunity for the KVAC to teach athletes the true importance of Memorial Day, while respecting the athletes who also happen to be musicians.

The Maine Principals’ Association “Coaches Handbook 2012-13” states on page 10 that the coach “shall promote the entire interscholastic program of the school and direct his or her program in harmony with the total school program.” Had it rained on Memorial Day, I am confident that the KVAC would have come up with an alternate plan. The morning of Memorial Day should be reserved to honor those who have given their lives for our freedom. The KVAC leadership should reconsider its current practice for rain dates.

Andrew Forster



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