PITTSFIELD–Maine Central Institute has announced its fourth-quarter honor roll.

Seniors — highest honors: Katie Cronkite, Min Du, Courtney Fowler, Laura Horowitz, Ka Wing Kym Man, Cameron Michaud, Carolyn Newhouse, Morgan Thies and Benjamin Thomasson.

High honors: Kathryn Bigelow, Kejia Adia Cai, Cassandra Cates, Amelia Connolly, Sarah Costello, Jordyn Cram, Courtney Crowell, Kasey Gore, Peixing Juliana Li, Dylan Maloon, Harley Maples, Peter Peterson, Junning Sophia Qin, Walter Reuter, Brittany Seekins, Katelyn Sousa, Wenxi Candy Tan and Alex Weeman.

Honors: Katherine Smedberg and Justin Sounik.

Juniors — highest honors: Lijia Emma Chen, Yi yi Fay Fei, Xinxiu Cindy Zhong and Lin Zhu.

High honors: Karissa Ballard, Sarah Batchelder, Zhongzheng Emerson Chen, Hannah Emery, Olivia Hamm, Elisabeth Haugen, Jessica Huff, Paige Larochelle, Thomas Lessard, Bowen Li, Haoran Jason Li, Tanner Littlefield, Junji Jack Liu, Brianna Losee, Brody Malloy, Ashley McFarland, Dinh Quoc Tom Nguyen, Jiaju Frank Shi, Adam Shorey, Makayla Snow, Courtney Sprague, Monica Sprague, Paige Topel, Caitlin Tozier, Austin Varney, Nikkia Washington, Yifan Rex Wu, Chen Lu Lu Xu and Jiaqi Chris Zhou.

Honors: Chimene Goewey and Kaimin Wang.

Sophmores — highest honors: Felicity Audet, Jamin Gerry, Katie Hughes and Lien My Sana Tran.

High honors: Ashley Alton, Kevin Belgard, Eliana Bergdoll, Wing To Monica Cheung, Ethan Duplisea, Slade Emery, Gavrielle Enriquez, Isabella Enriquez, Kate-Lynn George, Caroline Hanson, Eric Hathaway, Laura Johnson, Errol Kurtz, Alexis LaMarre, Rachel Lanzikos, Rheanna Lawn, Jessica Leibowitz, Cassandra Miller, Joseph Quimby, Lok Ying Ursula Tsang and Nikita Vasilevskiy.

Honors: Sage Nash.

Freshmen — highest honors: Tyler DeViller, Sudarsna Mukund and Hailey Stewart.

High honors: Harmony Austin, Brianna Ballard, Julia Bluhm, Alexis Caldwell, Leah Carron, Hannah Cunningham, Dillon Fitts, Mia Fox, Amanda Hays, Gregory Vigue, Sijie Jeff Zhang, Yiming Ulyssess Zhang and Chenji Lonoy Zhao.

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