Every year it becomes more and more apparent that, as educated as we have become as a nation, we have learned very little from history.

We just cannot help but fall prey to the warmongers and gun dealer’s lobby.

Once again we see ex-Vice President Dick Cheney urging the U.S. to export guns and money to Syria, a country like Iraq, which poses no threat to the United States. His Republican friends in Congress, like Sen. Lindsey Graham, would have us do even more than just export guns and Halliburton, Carlisle Group and Blackwater support services to the civil war taking place there.

It is same bunch of draft dodgers who sent our kids to bleed and die in Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the folks who now use the guns and ammo against us. Does anyone doubt how kids will someday be seeing those guns pointed at them?

It does not seem to bother the greedy and ambitious politicians that they have changed our image in the world from peacekeeper to greedy, power-mad warmonger. How about our former respect for the rule of law in keeping for years prisoners in Guantanamo who have never been charged with anything?

Former President Dwight Eisenhower, supreme allied commander in World War II, warned us about the power and greed of the politicians and gun dealers. We have paid to heed to his words.


Marine Gen. Smedley Butler, Medal of Honor recipient, had it right when he said, “war is a racket.”

The warmongers in the halls of Congress have plenty of rackets going on, they don’t need to go abroad to find more.

Patrick Eisenhart


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