Over the past several months, there has been great debate about mining Bald Mountain. I find it curious and appalling that nowhere in all the media have I found the name of John S. Cummings mentioned.

Cummings discovered the Bald Mountain mineral deposits in 1977. On Jan. 7, 1980, the Maine Legislature recognized him for his discovery of the Bald Mountain deposit, which is the only world-class copper and zinc deposit ever found in New England.

A native of Auburn, Cummings lives in Texas. He is a brilliant geologist who has written several books in his chosen field. One of them describes in detail his innovative geochemical system, which resulted in the discovery of Bald Mountain and several other deposits in Maine.

He obviously has a world of knowledge of mining not just in Maine, but also in the rest of the United States. It is hard to believe that he has not been recognized or consulted during this new interest in mining Bald Mountain.

For example, one of the big concerns among citizens is whether to mine the open pit method or underground. Cummings opposes open pit mining because it increases the likelihood of serious environmental problems.

This nationally recognized geologist, a native of Maine, who discovered the Bald Mountain deposit, has never been contacted to offer the state more information and expertise than anyone else could possibly have.

Janis M. Cross, Hallowell

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