It’s been an interesting week to be a resident of Maine.

As an Augusta resident, my property tax will go up and positions still will be cut at the school my children attend.

The Democratic plan to balance the budget is to raise the sales tax for the next two years.

The Legislature refused to pass a law to prevent people on SNAP from buying junk food. Their main argument was it’s “their” money.

In my neighborhood, I watched a young man give away “free” phones to people who get government assistance (my tax dollars).

I know two people who have not worked in years because they find working “too stressful.” All their bills are paid for by my tax dollars.


I have not had a raise in almost five years, but somehow I’m expected to continue to pay for others who refuse to help themselves and the Legislature that continues to treat these people as children.

I would love to know where the Legislature is growing the endless money tree that legislators seem to think we have growing in this state.

I could use some money to pay my bills, but I guess I’ll just go to work instead. Hope my day is not too stressful.

Kathleen Mahoney, Augusta

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