I just read a letter from a woman who thanked the two people who came to her assistance when car horn would not stop honking. I realized I have not thanked the two men who came to my assistance recently.

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving to the nearest convenience store in Augusta to buy some gas, when my car ran out of gas a couple of hundred feet from the gas pumps. As soon as my car died, three things happened.

* The man behind me who had been following so closely behind my car blasted his horn at me because I was now blocking his lane and he would need to go around me.

* The second and third things also happened immediately. Two men pulled their vehicles into a parking lot next to my car, which was dead on the street, and asked if I needed a push to the pumps. Yes, I did.

Both men pushed my car until I was right next to the pump at the convenience store. One of them then explained what I would need to do after getting the gas, telling me the process to get the gas into the gas line and into the engine, before I would be able to drive away.

These two men were like angels who instantly appeared when I needed help. Thanks so much to both of them.

Phyllis Hyde


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