I have voted for politicians of every stripe, but my parents and grandparents were strong consistent Republicans. They would not have believed a decent leader would speak in this manner.

Gov. Paul LePage has had many second chances. The observation that his aides continue to stand by him and his legislators vote to uphold his vetoes even against their own votes is just more evidence of how hard it is to oppose domestic brutality.

The power figure in the group holds oppressive sway, and his family will excuse his excesses time after time.

If, as reported in the newspaper this week, Jeb Bush and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins do attend a Kennebunkport fundraiser for the governor, it will make their appeals to civility and respect ring hollow. What outrage would be enough?

The next election is still far off. We will have to endure the governor for a long time. But is there one thoughtful, responsible Republican in Maine who will step up to the plate and give the party another viable candidate for governor?

Jim Perkins


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