Here we go again. We the people have heard enough trash talk from the governor. Grow up.

Paul LePage seems to think that “I am sorry” makes everything nice again. It might go a long way toward that if he actually meant it, but he doesn’t.

He is an example of sin all week, go to confession on Sunday, go back out and do the same thing the next week and then go back to confession and repeat, over and over again.

We hear insulting, bullying and childish remarks from his mouth regularly. I am sorry LePage had such a miserable childhood that he has no ability to be a decent human being. I am sorry that his mouth operates way quicker than his brain. I also am sorry that he thinks the people of the state of Maine find his adolescent behavior cute, endearing or acceptable on any level.

His idea of going back to Marden’s to stock shelves is a good idea, but if they’re smart they wouldn’t hire him back. Who would want an employee with his attitude? Do we want a governor with his attitude?

Paul Marcus


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