It seems every time I turn on the TV or read the paper, Gov. Paul LePage is having another temper tantrum because he didn’t get his own way.

I had three kids, and they never acted like him. He sure doesn’t have manners.

He claims he was homeless at a young age and had to go to work, so he should know how the elderly and children feel having everything taken from them. People worked hard those days.

There is a lot of lying going on and the people who are lying are getting everything, and the people who need it are getting nothing.

I’m ashamed of how LePage talked about Troy Jackson the other day. I think he owes Jackson an apology. He doesn’t act like a leader.

Why won’t he release the bond money? I thought that money was the people’s money. I guess he thinks it is his. We voted it in to use.

He said he might run for Mike Michaud’s seat. He should remember that the same people voted him in as governor will not elect him to Congress. I don’t believe they will vote for him.

Maybe filling shelves at Marden’s would be his best job. He found out that running the state isn’t like Marden’s.

If I was him, I would try to use better language than he does.

He will have another long two years if he keeps this up.

Ruth Fuller


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