I am commenting on Colin Woodard’s article (June 16) “The lobbyist in the henhouse” in regard to Flagstaff Lake.

Central Maine Power Co. created this lake for the sole purpose of generating electricity. This was a big relocation project to flood the whole valley. All of the buildings, houses, barns etc., were either moved to form villages on higher ground or torn down. All of the cemeteries were dug up and the graves relocated and all the trees were chopped down. This man-made lake was not created for recreational purposes.

The whole project was somewhat similar to reservoirs for city water for Boston or the private logging roads such as Golden Goad in our own North Woods. People may use these projects either by permission or with care, but they have low priority.

The shoreland of this lake is, of course, not primarily rocky or sandy, but made up of the natural soil of the fields and woods of the land that was flooded. The results of this are a muddy shoreline. Woodard is making a big thing out of nothing.

Additionally, Woodard mentions the possible harm of some chemicals that might cause damage to fetuses, babies and children. This is a minimal risk.

If Woodard has the inclination, he could find something more definite by taking a trip up to Family Planning at 43 Gabriel Drive. They kill fetuses and babies at this location right here in Augusta, in addition to other locations all over the state.

Could it be possible that Woodard has a political motive in writing these articles for newspapers owned by Donald Sussman, who is a great supporter of the Democratic party and husband of Chellie Pingree?


Albert R. Boynton


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