FAIRFIELD — Kennebec Valley Community College announces its fourth quarter honor roll.

Kelsey M. Atwood, Joshua A. Davis, Deanna Sawtelle, Tiffany L. Veilleux, Morgan E. Knowles, Kayla D. Murray, Randall L. Oliver, Sirena O. Paine and Nicole M. Peloquin, of Anson.

Tammie L. Cowette, Dustin L. MacArthur and Scott R. Mercier, of Athens; Thomas J. Marston, Holly D. Gurney, Vincent W. Klimowicz, Mark A. McAfee, Lisa A. Roy, Lisa L. Webber and Cameron D. Wight, of Belgrade.

Trina M. Bajpai, Christy L. Clifford, Scott D. Dearborn, Katie M. Goodwin, Andrew J. King, Brandi Y. Lee, Raymond R. Mattson, Zackary J. McManus, Brittany S. Newby, William R. O’Connell, Alan D. Sanborn, Loretta S. Thompson and Joanne K. Woodworth, of Benton.

Patrick H. Flannery, Ryan C. Flematti and Megan A. McCollor, of Bingham; Jason D. Robinson and Emmalee C. Swift, of Burnham; Nicole A. Curtis, Belle A. Krenisky, Timothy J. LaPlante, Crystal R. Reid and Jason W. Shaw, of Canaan. Michelle L. Sawyer, of Chesterville; Jacinth A. Allard, Crystal L. Byers, Rachel A. Dundas and Chele N. Fuller, of China; Daniell Foster and Tyson J. LaVerdiere, of China Village; Maryanne M. Barrows, Jessica A. Gerow, Zayna J. Rush, Hugh A. Stinson, Michelle L. Welch and Corey B. Wheeler, of Clinton.

Sarrah I. Simpson and Cory D. Willey, of Corinna; Eric J. Small, of Cornville; Matthew J. Breslin, of Detroit; Phillip B. Mann and Cathy L. Stewart, of Dexter; Andrea L. Hinkley, of Embden; Brittany M. Alderman, Jennifer A. Beaulieu, Shawn M. Boothby, Sheila M. Chenevert, Marissa A. Clark, Laurie L. Columbia, Devon A. Costigan, Rachel L. Dostie, Selina A. Grivois and Dana L. Hodsdon; Melissa J. Huff, Kimberly M. Layton, Daniel W. Malloy, Jeffrey W. Mosimann, Ricky J. Murray, Lori D. Smith, Keith M. Sullivan and Lisa R. Wood, of Fairfield.

JoAnne Doyle, of Farmington; Mei Wa Li and Jessica M. Smith, of Hartland; Garrick S. Paul, of Kingfield; Nyia P. Chituck, of Knox; Megan R. Barney, Nicholas R. Billington, Russell A. Frye, Desiree L. Kelley, Timothy A. McDonald, Devin J. McGlashing, JaNeal Peck and Georg A. Syphers, of Madison.

Hayley M. Norberto, of Mercer; Dustin J. Aldrich, Joseph T. Chase, Alphonso A. Dixon, Raymond J. Edgar, Neil C. Harrington, Crissy M. Marson, Katherine G. Qualey, Amanda D. Roy and Brad D. Warren, of Norridgewock. Abbie E. Barker and Shelby L. Pinkham, of North Anson.

Jessica L. Breton, Zachery F. Gushing, Samantha J. Lessard, and John M. Savoy, of North Vassalboro; Daniel A. Cahoon, Kaylee M. Constable, Rhonda A. Cote, Brett S. Giguere, Jason E. Ham, Allison E. Knight, Cory S. LaPlante, Stephen A. Michaud, Sadie M. Paulette, Jared J. Rideout, Kathy-Jo Stone and Kathryn G. Whitney, of Oakland.

Carrie E. Preble and Christopher J. Prosser, of Palmyra; Tracie A. Tooker, of Phillips; Carrie M. Armiger, John F. Capistrant, Amanda N. Collamore, Tina M. Farias, Mariah L. Smith and Stephen D. Watrous, of Pittsfield; Kristina M. LaChance and Erica J. Moody, of Pittston; DeAnna J. Robinson, of Pleasant Ridge Plantation.

Walter S. Graves, of Plymouth; Virginia L. Couture, Kyle J. Gleason, Samantha J. Michaud, Renee L. Nelson and Amber L. Rountree, of Sidney; Jacob P. Benner, Christine M. Bussiere, Samantha J. Curtis, Lauren P. Duguay, Christine E. Gettig, Matthew Hamrick, Rachael A. Jones, Jeremy C. Kaherl, Benjamin J. Laporte, Sarah K. Luckhurst, Rae Ann Quirion, Johnathan T. Sevey, Ashley L. Sincyr, Jeremy Toles, Lisa A. Toles, Paul K. Vitalone and Makayla M. Wyman-Emery, of Skowhegan.

Christy L. Brown, Rebecca A. Hinsch and Rosemary L. Poole, of Solon; James A. Goodwin, Melina T. Leland, Aaron R. Morse, Darcie M. Reed, Donna S. Wenk and Jenny J. White, of South China; Derek R. Keegan, of St. Albans; Desiree J. Abbott, of Strong.

Doreen L. Berry and Raelynn M. Bucklin, of Thorndike; Elise A. Quimby and Stephanie A. Wooley, of Troy; Ari A. LeBreton, Jeremy L. Ludden, Trevor A. Russell and Alyssa M. Willette, of Unity; Teaen N. Davis, Benjamin P. Dube, Ericka L. Roy and Tyrone R. Sullivan, of Vassalboro.

Maximilian K. Beal, Aislinn M. Byrne, Shannon N. Champlain, Elisha M. DiPietro, Deborah S. Dumais, James R. Fogg, Christopher S. Gagne, Angelena L. Gallant, Ashleigh M. Gordon, Jennifer L. Gorman, Gerald R. Grams, Megan T. Heath, Michelle L. Jarvis, Christina H. Juarez, Elizabeth A. Kowalik, Karen J. Kreer, Jeremy S. Leach, Sandra H. Mathieu, Lisa M. Morin, Cynthia S. Moxcey, Kara L. Patenaude, Mary C. Patterson, Christopher A. Pelletier, Felisia A. Pooler, Felicia R. Ross, Natalie M. Roy, Shawn L. Scanlin, Lee T. Settlemyre, Brandy B. Stanley, Valerie A. Trask and Lynn M. Wood, of Waterville.

Timothy S. Greenlaw and Zachary P. Parker, of Wilton; and Kyrstie A. Akerson, Roger J. Barrett, Nicole M. Bellows, Deborah L. Bordeau, Kyle R. Castagnetto, Keisha Cyr, Chelsea M. Flye, Michelle H. Gerry, Luke E. Hendsbee, Sara E. Jackson, Kristin G. Mank, Kristin R. Mason, Jacob J. Olivares, Lynn M. Pagliaro, Cassandra L. Rollins, Patricia L. Schmidt, Kelley A. Symes, Suneva M. Ware and Patricia E. Wilson, of Winslow.

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