Albert Bailey (letter, “Owning house costs more than renting one,” July 5)  makes some good points, but the expenses he cites are part of my landlord’s cost of doing business.

Those costs are passed along to the tenant in the form of rent. He or she charges a security deposit to take care of damages done by renters, and they can charge or sue the renter for other damages.

The landlord also is in business to make a profit, which is not the case with an individual’s home. This means that I probably pay a higher price per square foot of housing than homeowners do.

One of the reasons I rent is so that someone will take care of the maintenance and repair needed and for this I pay in the form of rent. Taxes, insurance, heat, hot water, sewer and water also are figured into the rent. I pay for renters insurance.

I also served in the U.S. Army, but I was single, enlisted so I had to live with a whole bunch of other guys in the barracks.

James Wood


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