David Alexander (letter, “Sen. Roger Katz worse than Gov. Paul LePage,” July 8) is displeased with Sen. Roger Katz’s recent critique of Gov. Paul LePage’s behavior.

I’ve also scoured scripture and was hapless to find the sinfulness in passing out campaign buttons at a public event. Apparently, God doesn’t fret buttons.

Recently, at a pricey Bush-backed cocktail convergence in Kennebunkport (Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe sent regrets), LePage announced his bid for re-election.

But I’ve seen enough, and hasn’t Maine had enough?

Maine Republicans need to take a deep breath and ask themselves: “Why? For what possible purpose?” To continue this bizarre sideshow? This fodder for late-night comedians? This hurt inflicted by soul-less draconian policy?

Most Mainers are rightfully embarrassed by the disparaging discourse emanating from the Blaine House while across the street, rational legislators from both parties pull together to right our ship. Maine’s compass is off course. Fetch the plank! Captain Qweeg’s gotta go, mateys.

Not surprisingly, Katz is my friend, and I’ve never had a truer one. I’ve worked proudly on each of his efforts to seek public office. We occasionally meet to compare notes. I’ve sensed his frustration. He hasn’t verbalized it — and needed not.

I was hardly surprised when he courageously stepped up to publicly proclaim what most everyone is merely thinking. I’ve worn those shoes. When folks surreptitiously whisper “Good job!” or “Nice editorial!” in supermarket aisles. Why whisper? Speak up!

As a Gardiner resident, I’ve not yet been able to cast a single vote for Katz in his bid either for Augusta’s mayor or District 24’s state senator.

I do not know a finer man or a fairer person (except my wife). Nor do I believe Maine’s ever had — including all those former leaders respectfully cited in his column — a more fiercely dedicated and multilaterally considerate public servant.

Buddy Doyle


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