I commend Don McIntire for questioning the Maine National Guard and its proposed office building on Maine Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery land (article, “Veteran objects to Maine Guard HQ relocation site,” June 3).

I agree that the Maine Veterans’ Cemetery land is hallowed ground, dedicated and consecrated. It is the final resting place for men and women who sacrificed a part of their lives, endured unimaginable horrors, and fought for our great country and its citizens so that freedom remains one of our greatest privileges. These men and women should be allowed to rest in peace.

Lt. Col. Dwaine Drummond says the land is too wet to be used for grave sites. That may be, but has anybody checked the drainage and soil conditions at the new veterans cemetery on Mount Vernon Road? Many of those graves are wet all the time. When we visited graves in Section H this year, headstones were actually under water, and we sank into the ground in places. This is not acceptable. Section B in the new cemetery is also quite wet.

Let us continue to honor with dignity those who gave so much, more than most of us could ever comprehend, by preserving the beauty and solemnity of our Maine Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery. If the Maine National Guard is to build its office there, it should keep the cemetery separate, keep the building out of sight of any and all graves, and keep the entrance like a Maine road; it sets the mood to enter such a hallowed place.

McIntire might want to contact the Maine Veterans’ Coordinating Committee. It is quite powerful and represents all service organizations and veterans.


Patricia Paul


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