I was very disappointed to see that Winslow’s state representative, Catherine Nadeau, a Democrat, voted against the bill to allow military recruiters the same access to Maine public schools as other career recruiters. The bill also would have prohibited schools from making military recruiters visit in civilian clothes, without their uniforms.

The military is a great career option for many young people today, and recruiters should not be discriminated against. What’s especially upsetting is the fact that, according to the recruiters, some schools don’t let them wear their uniforms on school grounds. This is shameful and needs to be remedied.

Some who voted against the bill said there wasn’t a proven problem. As far as I’m concerned, however, when our service members go to the state’s education commissioner and governor and tell them that some schools are giving them a hard time, that’s a problem.

I hope Nadeau will reconsider her vote if this bill comes up again next year. Our troops need all the support they can get, and they deserve our respect.

Susan Morissette


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